A & K Wilson Picture Framers Ltd



Mouldings I’ve just done a quick head count and we currently have 410 wood mouldings, 10 ovals and circles and 150 aluminium profiles, so hopefully there should be something for everyone. If however if you have a particular moulding that you’d like to match we’d hope that if it’s humanly possible we’d be able to track it down.
While we’re on the subject of mouldings one of the main ecological issues within picture framing today is the origin of the timber used for our frames. We do our utmost to ensure the timber used in the production of the mouldings we use are sourced from suppliers who operate in accordance with the principles of good forest management. And while we’re touting our eco credentials we’re always tickled to think that even if the national grid went down we’d be unaffected as we a use foot operated under pinner and a hand operated mount cutter, low carbon footprint and low energy bills… it’s great to be literally so ‘hands on’ !