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Canvas Stretching

Canvas Stretchers

An un-stretched canvas needs to be put onto a stretcher before it can be framed.Also unfortunately some already stretched canvasses are on such poorly made stretchers or are so out of square that they can’t really be framed with any finesse as they are and need to taken off and re-stretched properly.
We took an executive decision several years ago to only stretch canvases onto high quality bespoke stretchers which are made to measure for the artwork. Whilst cheaper standard sized ‘off the peg’ stretchers are readily available we find them to be not really up the job. Our stretchers cost a little more and take a little longer to arrive but we feel they are definitely worth it.
We can supply standard depth stretchers which would then generally have a frame, as well as extra deep ‘gallery’ stretchers where the canvas wraps around the back of the stretcher, these are generally hung on the wall as is.

We are equally happy to put a canvas back onto any existing stretchers if it has been taken off for ‘back from holiday’ transportation!